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[Enterprise Guide] Improve Email Marketing ROI by Tracking These Metrics
The Growth Marketer's Guide to Email Metrics covers the pivotal metrics used by email marketers, engineers, and marketing executives to achieve greater ROI.

Date: 2017-5-18

Better ROI on your social media efforts
Social management and reporting is hard.
Most marketers rely on multiple tools and settle for inadequate insights with no clear action - which is not only frustrating but also prevents you from getting the ROI you expected.

Date: 2017-4-25

Marketing the Crave on Instagram
According to a post on the Instagram Business blog the number one driver of visits to restaurants is the act of craving. In advertising this simply means making people hungry for what your are selling. Restaurants love Instagram because of its visualness, its frequent use of video in posts and probably most importantly, its primarily consumed on a mobile device.

Date: 2017-1-30

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