How to Decide on the Right Social Channel for Your Brand

With the power that social media has in bringing attention to a brand and boosting sales, more and more businesses are crafting marketing campaigns via social channels. In fact, a recent survey by Ascend2 shows that among 271 marketing influencers, using social media channels was considered their most important digital marketing tactic for 2018.

Consider this, more than 66% of marketers are able to improve lead generation just by spending a minimum of six hours on social media.

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Facebook, Twitter and Google Hire German Censorship Army to Avoid Millions in Fines

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Facebook, Google and Twitter have hired censorship teams to remove user posted content that German law prohibits. As of January 1, 2018 a new law in Germany puts tech companies that allow user posted content at risk of fines of up to $60 million if they fail to remove posts deemed illegal.

Companies must remove hate speech within 24 hours in simple cases or within 7 days where content evaluation is difficult.

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Has Twitter Changed it's Mind on an Advertising Transparency Center?

In October 2017 Twitter announced an Advertising Transparency Center saying "that it will offer everyone visibility into who is advertising on Twitter, details behind those ads, and tools to share your feedback." As of this date, there has been no Ad Transparency Center nor any updates on its progress.

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Google Will Now Prioritize Page Speed for Mobile Search

A few days ago, Google announced the introduction of an enhanced PageSpeed Insights tool to aid website owners in optimizing the loading speed of their pages. It now turns out that publishers may need to use the enhanced tool a lot more than expected. In a recent announcement, Google finally revealed an important factor that will be used to rank mobile pages and its all about loading speed.

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