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2 Things You Need To Know To Get Better Marketing Results
[2012-04-10] Before you send your next piece of marketing to anyone, there are 2 important things you should consider if you want to get the best return on your investment.

Comparing The Differences Between Marketing And Real Customer Value
[2010-10-26] I was in London a couple weeks ago, and was reminded how I always like the simple phrase that asks you to be careful as you step from the Underground subway car to the platform, "Mind the Gap." But I think marketers need to mind a different gap, the one between the frills of image marketing and real customer value. And guess who is there to teach us that lesson today? The Gap. Yeah, that Gap, the one that sells jeans and other casual clothing in just about every mall near you.

Learning Ways To Better Measure Internet Marketing Success
[2009-06-12] I realized that I never posted my slides from last week's Dallas Inbound Marketing Summit. I'd only tweeted them to my Twitter followers. So, today, I am posting a longer version of those slides, called Internet Marketing by the Numbers, but I also want to tell you something about those slides.

Increasing Marketing Effectiveness Through Social Media Techniques
[2009-06-01] Having spent the last few days in Dallas I am ready to go home. Don't get me wrong. Dallas is a nice town. The Inbound Marketing Summit put on by New Marketing Labs' Chris Brogan was great. Here's why I need to get out, though.

YouTube Continues Search For Its Monetization Sweet Spot
[2009-05-12] In a story that has dragged on even longer than the Yahoo/Microsoft saga, YouTube continues to search for its monetization sweet spot. This January, they started a deal to run masthead ad units, which seventeen brands have utilized. Now they're offering a synchronized homepage placement, and McDonald's has signed up as the first advertiser.

How To Decide On Social Marketing Tactics And Measuring Success
[2009-04-27] The benefit from a firm grasp of social media for companies is impossible to ignore. Whether you work in marketing, advertising, public relations or interactive, there are distinct competitive advantages for both individuals and businesses from a better understanding of the social web.

The Basics Of Internet Marketing On A Daily Basis
[2009-04-07] I'll be up front on this one. I am not a fan of the NBA anymore. I am, however, very quick to borrow their 24 second clock for an analogy. You see one thing that is rewarded in the pro game is getting an offensive rebound. When you get an offensive rebound you are awarded a "fresh 24". The 24 second clock resets and you now have another chance at getting some points.

The Unthinkable Community Driven Marketing
[2009-03-24] Clay Shirky's latest essay, that encourages us to 'think the unthinkable', set me wondering about what the marketing industry could be like.  The part of Shirky's ‘unthinkable scenario' that leapt out for me was the suggestion that, ‘people would resist being educated to act against their own desires'.

Reaching Your Full Revenue Potential
[2009-03-12] It appears that lack of existing customer insight and the tools to leverage that insight is creating a revenue roadblock for many marketers.

Setting Marketing Focus On Your Landing Page
[2009-02-24] Here are several excerpts from an article by Jennifer Moline, Landing Pages Made Simple And Profitable:

Enterprises Thrive With Strong Internet Marketing
[2009-02-20] Internet marketing and the SMB can be a powerful match. The Internet and its many channels (search, blogs, social media and more) can create opportunity that was not possible for many businesses just a few short years ago. Internet savvy marketers and business owners see the potential to bring leads to their business that would have never been fathomed in the old world of call lists and caffeine.

Developing Marketing Relationships During A Recession
[2009-02-17] Search marketing has been known as recession resistant because so many companies shift or increase internet marketing budgets there in good times and in bad.  When other marketing and advertising channels don't hold up to ROI scruitiny, tactics like SEO hold up rather well.  Sage advice on how to execute on this insight can be found at "Recession Proof Search Engine Optimization Tips".

Give Your Customers The Opportunity To Share
[2009-02-04] In my role as a social media strategist I'm often asked to review Intel marketing campaigns that contain social elements. And I must say that there are many great examples out there. Two of my favorites are the 2006 What Would You Do for a Duo contest and Mass Animation. Both of these programs include the critical elements needed to make something social/viral: they give our human customers the opportunity to share their personal and creative passions with the world.

Is It Legal to Advertise on Mobile Devices
[2009-01-16] Naturally, privacy watchdogs answer the question in this post title with a resounding "Yes!" The answer is so emphatic, in fact, that the Center for Digital Democracy and U.S. Public Interest Research Group are filing a 52-page complaint with the FTC today alleging that mobile marketers collect so much "non personally identifiable information" that it infringes on users' privacy-and are "unfair and deceptive."

Controversy May Be Your Company's Best Marketing Strategy
[2008-12-12] A recently released book that I contributed to asked the question with it's subtitle, "why don't they get it?" It's a fitting question today, as brands are often divided into those that understand the power of conversation and those that don't. Slowly, however, brands are adding their names to the ranks of those that get it. Dell and Comcast are often being praised as two shining examples due to their willingness to have a conversation with customers and actively use of social media tools.

Learning Marketing From The Lessons Of Google
[2008-11-25] What marketing lessons have you learned from watching Google?

How Effective Is Your Marketing?
[2008-11-07] Well, after a year-long blogging hiatus, I've decided to jump back in. I'm thinking that the easiest way to do so is to start with a draft of a white paper on Marketing Effectiveness that was put on hold... might as well publish it here.

Economy in Trouble Search Marketing can Help
[2008-10-17] Hey, did you hear that the economy is in trouble? Of course, if you didn't know it you have either A) chosen to ignore it B) are just numb from the onslaught of doomsday talk or C) have your head comfortably buried in the sand. I do not have any magic elixir for you. Whether you are a business owner who uses search marketing services, an Internet marketing services provider, or consultant, you are faced with an interesting paradox. Despite the great industry that search and Internet marketing has always been, there is simply no guarantee that anyone will be able to capitalize on it in these conditions. Here's why.

Make All Your Press Releases Search Engine Optimized
[2008-10-02] Underused by many companies, a search engine optimized press release offers a hugely effective way of complementing your company's SEO plan.

Finding a New Breed Automated-Marketing Vendor
[2008-09-17] "New breed marketing automation provides a broader platform to deliver multichannel marketing programs which improve campaign velocity and relevance, better accountability of all marketing programs and overall improvement of marketing effectiveness and efficiency," said Suresh Vittal, principal analyst at Forrester Research. "They are not just focused on email but multiple channels like direct mail, Web, call center and even mass advertising."

Overhyped Sales and Marketing Copy Backlash
[2008-09-04] If you've been paying any attention to what's going on with marketing and copywriting lately, you'll find more and more guru's talking about how consumers have become more cynical.

Where Does Your Marketing Dollar Go?
[2008-07-25] The sixth annual PRWeek/Manning Selvage & Lee (MS&L) survey by Millward Brown polled 252 U.S. chief marketing officers, VPs of marketing and marketing directors and managers, focused on digital and consumer generated media, marketing ethics and the role of public relations in the marketing mix.

Hiring Multiple Search Marketing Firms
[2008-07-01] On occasion TopRank will get calls from prospective clients that ask about hiring multiple SEO agencies in an effort to get the "best of both worlds" in terms of best practices and performance through competition. On the surface, I suppose I could see how someone might think this might make sense but in practice, it really doesn't.

Simplifying Demand Generation
[2008-06-13] David Raab is an analyst specializing in marketing technology and analysis. Like me, he is a strong believer that marketers increasingly depend on technology for success, and he has made a business helping clients objectively select the right tools and deploy them effectively.

Online Advertisers Next Step is Behavioral Targeting
[2008-05-20] The idea of ads somehow understanding our lifestyles and behavioral patterns sounds kind of creepy at first thought. But according to a survey done by SEMPO, many search engine marketers are all about it.